New Year’s Tropical inspiration

OutdoorsIt’s easy to find inspiration when surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty. Fiji’s transparent blue seas, green mountains and vivid flowers serve as muse to many artists. Home décor brand VitiHome is a perfect example to kick start 2016 with some island inspiration for your home or office.

What started off as a simple creative outlet has blossomed into a developing home ware collection. The brand’s inspiration for their bold cushion covers comes from the culture, colour, flora, fauna and artwork of Fiji’s tropical paradise.

The minds behind the magic are three young women, all of whom have other full time jobs, but that doesn’t stop them from constantly collaborating to create new designs for VitiHome on their own time. With such a passion for the culture and colours of their home country, they say it hardly feels like work.

Courtney Smith, Faith Watling and Toni-Marie Compain are as of now selling only cushion covers in cotton, canvas, cotton sateen, and linen. However they have more projects in the works and hope to expand their brand to include a collection of bedspreads.

Each team member brings a different skill to the operation. Smith supplies the artistic inspiration and creativity, Compain possesses the business acumen necessary to make their venture a success, and Watling contributes the computer skills crucial to converting the artwork into digital designs.

The island inspiration is clearly visible in the dynamic details and it is these unique designs that make VitiHome products stand out. Some cushion covers feature intricate shell designs patterned with tribal prints or whimsical blue and white fish, the kind you might glimpse on one of Fiji’s coral reefs.

Bedroom Viti Home

Greenery, pineapples, flowers, beach scenes and complex geometric patterns also feature in the VitiHome collection. Many of the cushion covers are double sided, giving the freedom to switching the look of your home décor whenever you like.

The VitiHome founders say their products are for anyone looking to brighten up their lifestyle. Their unique designs can accomplish a new Fiji island vibe in your home within minutes.

Stay up-to-date with VitiHome by visiting their facebook page,, and following @myvitihome on Instagram.


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