Matchstix, A new app to make new friends

IMG_1224Looking to connect with a new friend who shares your common interests? Want to make friends quickly without having to muster the courage to physically say hello? New Fijian friend maker application, ‘Matchstix’ might just be the app for you.

Onyx Platinum Bar played host to this highly promoted new app last Friday night which was attended by the likes of Miss Fiji Zaira Begg and Miss Hibiscus Marie Falls.

The Masquerade mix and match themed event attracted a sizeable Suva crowd including Matchstix Ambassadors. The ambassadors who have been heavily involved in the campaign of the app include local models and dancers Vasiti Radekedeke , Salanieta Koro, Sameer Ali and Glen Macalinao who are part of the market that Matchstix deem as their core segment.

But you don’t have to be popular to benefit from the app. Matchstix, is designed to help people find new friends by matching interests so you don’t have to consciously go out looking to make friends the old fashioned way.

IMG_1240The app, which currently is the talk of the town, has received positive response from the initial users.

Matchstix General Manager Adam Inglis said as a security feature, the app uses phone number verification to identify fake profiles.

Dipinti Prasad, a new Matchstix user at the launch said the app has been very useful to her. She has managed to increase her circle of friends and got to know more people near her who share the same interest.

However, John Sawaki shared different sentiments.

“This app is for desperate and anti-social people who like stalking.” He added.

Brand Ambassador Macalinao was ecstatic about the launch as Fiji is only the second country in the world to launch the app.

“We are chosen as ambassadors since we are well known by our peer groups hence we have many followers.” He explained.

IMG_1233Guests at the launch event enjoyed entertainment by Rappers Rabbit, Mynlessme and Jay Deuce dazzled. A photo booth was also setup for a selfie snaps or an instant party photo print.

The app is currently accessible on Android devices only but developers say Apple users can access the apps in the near future.


By Chrisnrita Aumanu

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