Behind the scenes with stylist, Aliyah


Aliyah Jan, fashion enthusiast, stylist and vintage collector, put together an intricate collection of striking outfits for a vintage fashion shoot for the upcoming issue of Mai Life Style.

She opened her own online vintage boutique with style in 2008 with the aim of bringing vintage to the Fijian fashion scene. She seeks to change the common, negative perception that shopping in second hand clothing stores and thrift shops is tasteless by proving that ‘pre loved’ clothing can be something to show off. She wants women to realise that thrift shops really do have some fabulous fashion treasures.

Aliyah said that because Fiji is such a small country, people all know and can judge one another, and second-hand buying is frequently viewed as shameful. She said she noticed that some sales assistants would even frown over her own purchases, but she sees the potential in clothing that others view as worthless.


A couple of negative comments about such clothing being trashy have failed to trouble Aliyah when some of her patrons even squabble over the one-of-a-kind vintage boutique items. During May’s Fiji Fashion Week, guests at a charity luncheon were asked to wear only vintage. That was a special event for Aliyah because it showed people were seeing true beauty in items of clothing that had come from earlier eras. Her dazzling vintage shoot shows that clothes don’t need to be new to be fashionable and will surely encourage others to pay more attention to secondhand style.

With an array of sophisticated shades and unique outfits, the shoot reveals the beauty behind vintage. Aliyah displays the timeless treasures that can be found in thrift stores if you have time, patience and an eager eye for fashion.

Grab the 2015 Spring/Summer issue of Mai Life Style (soon to hit the stores near you) to see more.




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