A Fijian drink that takes you to a stress free state

The old Fiji capital of Levuka is a vintage collection of wooden colonial buildings meandering along the waterfront. Towering green hills provide a backdrop behind and the sparkling cobalt Koro Sea is in the foreground. A serious post card scene of a quaint, sleepy, seaside town.

Now UNESCO Heritage listed, Levuka takes you back to the 1800s and surrounds you with vintage charm, natural friendliness and a slow pace that makes you compulsorily relaxed.

Appropriately, this is the home of Taki Mai, a natural relaxant that is set to soothe your throat, wind you down and ease your mind, just like laid- back Levuka.

Taki Mai is a kava shot in a bottle. It is the first love of Levuka boy Zane Yoshida, who amongst other things is a kava connoisseur. Zane chose the name Taki Mai, which translates as “serve me now”, a common phrase used by Fijians when sitting around a kava bowl. He chose it as homage to the rituals associated with this traditional drink.

Taki Mai, has been a long term dream of Zane, so it’s no surprise that he has taken his early enjoyment of the “drink of the Fijian Gods” to another level.

Taki Mai has undergone years of research and lab tests at the University of the South Pacific to ensure only the best variety of the kava plant is sourced for optimum quality with the maximum soothing effect.

“The roots of every kava plant contain an active ingredient called kavalactones. Some plants have more, some less. We wanted kava plants that contain really high concentrations of kavalactones – and only the right kavalactones – to make you feel the world is a wonderful place,” Zane Yoshida said.

The plants are tendered and grown on the foothills of Levuka by local farmers who had been taught the art of cultivating kava over generations. The plants are then processed in a manner very close to the traditional way and which scientific research shows to be the most effective way of extracting the best kavalactones.

Tests done by Dr Jerome Sarris, Department of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne attests to kava’s efficacy and safety. Research results confirm significantly reduced symptoms of anxiety on test subjects.

Heralded for its stress relief and healing properties, this traditional drink is now packed as kava shots in 3 fl oz, ready to drink bottles in a variety of flavours including coconut, guava and chocolate banana.

kava shot

Once a drink reserved only for chiefs and priests, a thousand years later kava has become a major part of everyday Fijian life. Kava is a symbol of respect, acceptance, love and a toast to companionship and for celebrations.

In the spirit of sharing and Fijian living, Taki Mai!

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