Cloud 9, A Unique Fijian Getaway

cocktailPicture yourself surrounded by 360 degree panoramic views of transparent Fijian turquoise blue water, coral reefs, the orange hues of the setting sun on the horizon and a cocktail in hand.

Casually called an island by local Fijians, the two-story wooden platform that is Cloud 9, seems to appear from the middle of nowhere. This floating restaurant was originally named after its previous location off the famous Cloudbreak surf point. The daytime bar has recently relocated to the waters of Vanua Malolo on Ro Ro Reef, approximately an hour west of Nadi by speedboat.

This recent renovation has seen a change in menu, which now boasts high quality wood fired Italian pizzas. Whilst you wait for your slices of heaven to arrive, we recommend a thrilling dive off the top level of the building into the calm blue water or a snorkel over the reef followed by lazing on one of the many day beds surrounding the edge of the eatery. There is also the option to jump on a jet ski or go surfing if you’re feeling more adventurous.

cloud 9

At the weekend Cloud 9 turns into an all out party spot with local and international DJs playing regularly, so its best to check that there isn’t a private booking on board before you head over to join the fun.

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