State-of-the-art Store Designs around the World

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In Fiji, the small boutiques on the side of the stress are steadily decreasing, and the ‘big-time’ and pristine shop displays, seen in centres such as MH and Tappoo, it’s no wonder the “shopping experience” has become almost as important as shopping itself. Visual merchandising and store design is a key factor for many fashion brands. Take a look at some of these impressive leading store and their innovative ideas to captivate you buyers:

The Row – 8440 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, California.

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The Olsen sisters started their own fashion label in 2006 and launched their flagship store, inspired by L.A. living and modern-day minimalism, earlier this year. The store displays a clean, spacious, all white interior with a glass courtyard fitted with its very own pool. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen refer to the store as a “hidden gem” as the store is barely visible from the street, but once inside it opens into a stylishly capacious space with neat rows of clothing and accessories.

Puma House, Tokyo.

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The design for this store is based around movement and vines growing up the walls. Shoes are displayed throughout the store upon “stairs” that run along walls and around columns all around the space giving an impression of a Penrose Stairs kind of optical illusion, with some pairs of shoes even “walking” up the ceiling.

Prada transformer – Seoul.

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You can’t talk about innovative store designs without a mention of this incredible temporary structure. The building itself here is the really important thing. Comprised of four basic shapes: A circle, a cross, a hexagon and a hexagon. Each shape is a potential floor plan and accommodates a different type of cultural event, from fashion shows to art exhibitions, all relating back to the Prada brand.
Photos: Wallpaper, Donato Sardella, Daici Ano, Amo*Oma, Iwan Baan, Prada

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